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The 'IT' Girl Stack

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DETOX by Lgxnds 

Detox capsules are designed to help eliminate excessive toxins from the body along with reducing bloating. It also works as a prebiotic/probiotic.

Greens by Lgxnds

The power GREENS has on your immune system is unquestionable! LGXNDS Greens contain high levels of vitamins such as vitamin A, which is an anti-inflammatory property that enhances immunity. Greens lowers your risk of heart disease as well as assisting your digestive system. It’s also ideal to help with weight loss and debloating.

  • Supports immune system
  • Supports digestion
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Probiotic by Lgxnds

Improve your gut health with our Probiotic. This product contains live, good bacteria that can aid in digestion and boost your immune system. With regular use, experience a healthier and happier gut.

Apple Cider Vinegar

In the health and wellness industry, it is highly recommend incorporating Apple Cider Vinegar into your daily routine. Made from fermented apples, it is packed with vitamins and minerals that can aid in weight loss, digestion, and even help lower blood sugar levels. With a natural and tangy flavor, it's a delicious addition to any meal. Boost your health with our high-quality apple cider vinegar.


The 'IT' Girl Stack
The 'IT' Girl Stack Sale price$149.99 Regular price$171.96


"LGXNDS has been my go-to supplement company for the last year. Their range of products is impressive, catering to all my nutritional needs. I particularly like that they emphasize clean, natural ingredients. Customer service is prompt and friendly, always ready to answer my questions or address concerns."

"I've had a positive experience with LGXNDS overall. The products seem effective, and I appreciate the transparency in their ingredient lists. Their website is also easy to navigate, making shopping a breeze."

"I have to say, LGXNDS is an exceptional supplement company. The quality of their products is superior compared to many other brands I've tried. Whether it's multivitamins, protein powders, or specialty supplements, the effectiveness is noticeably superior, and I've seen fantastic improvements in my overall health and wellness."